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RC Helicopter Reviews
Blade SR RTF Electric Micro Heli

by Blade

The build quality on the Blade SR is fantastic, good quality electronics,  a very good flier, it's very responsive and can be set up for sports mode, it has the ability to be flown inverted with the negative pitch rotor.

There are plenty of upgrades and parts available for the Blade Helicopter which will give you plenty of scope for some more serious flying.
It has a 19" frame and a 21.8" Main Rotor which makes it a good size helicopter.

The Blade SR is not a self stabilizing Helicopter which might be a bit difficult to master if you're a beginner, so be prepared for the cost of crashes, don't rush to get your Blade Heli off the ground, and if it's your first collective pitch machine, it is strongly suggested to get a training kit

Collective pitch helicopters are a very particular breed of helicopters that require skill and good coordination from the pilot, that's not necessarily a bad thing, if you're serious about learning to fly these types of machines, then you have made the perfect choice.(It is recommended to get extra blades).most Blade CP parts will work with the Blade Heli SR. Some owners have opted for non genuine blades from China to keep the overall costs down.

The transmitter is basic but sturdy and very easy to use.
Flight time is about 9 minutes, it is strongly suggested to get a timer to avoid having your Blade Helicopter run out of power in mid flight and crashing to the ground.
Best to avoid flying no longer than 6 or 7 minutes (It is recommended to get at least two extra batteries).

Overall a high quality machine with plenty of replacement parts, suitable for intermediate to more experienced pilots as well as beginners that want to further their skills and learn to master collective pitch flying.

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Product Features

  • Brushless main motor
  • A great 2nd heli for anyone who has flown a coaxial or single-rotor fixed-pitch heli
  • Softer control response around center for transitioning pilots
  • Includes 6-channel HP6DSM 2.4GHz DSM2TM transmitter
  • Includes DC Li-Po balancing charger with AC adapter