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RC Helicopter Reviews

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter also known to some as the AR Drone Android is easy to fly. The automatic start procedure works very well, hit the "ascent" button and the machine rises to @ 2ft in height and stays in position. The "auto descent" however is not as impressive.

It's built in stabilization system is what really differentiates this Quad Copter from other RC Helicopters. It comes equipped with an accelerometer, two gyros, an ultrasound altimeter that keeps the altitude at a constant level, plus a downwards facing video camera feeding a real time image processor to check if you are drifting in either direction.

Battery life for this RC Helicopter with camera is @ 12 minutes flight time and takes 90 minutes to recharge, however If you are looking to improve flight time check out the AR Drone Battery Upgrade.
Bastens LiPo battery upgrade for the Parrot AR.Drone- a high capacity alternative replacement battery
able to get @20 min flight time and the battery will charge via the original charger that comes with the Parrot AR. Drone Quad Copter

The EEP elements protect the propellers from knocks and bumps while flying indoor, it is very precise in negotiating hallways and furniture, once you build up confidence and experience, take it to a wide open field open field, a park or soccer field, fit the outdoor hull on and it will fly quite fast with aerobatic agility, it takes some practice but it's a lot of fun.


RC Helicopter Reviews


It's without doubt a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, allow yourself time to get the feel for flying it, don't expect to just take it out of the box and fly it like a pro cause it will probably end up in tears, remember, patience goes a long way. Quad Copters have been around for some time and can be very expensive. Parrot has done a good job of creating a Quad Copter with durability, and two cameras at a very affordable price.

Requires an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android Device to make you Quad Copter fly. For best results Use iPod-iPhone 3GS or 4G.

If you take your hands off the controls,  the  AR.Drone  defaults to auto- hover mod, but remember to keep your aerial maneuvers simple, and fly it indoors until you get the hang of it. It is also recommended to get an extended 3 year warranty through Amazon cause things do, and will break.
The Parrot AR. Drone has a considerable amount of technology and is excellent value for your money.

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Technical Details

  • Remote control quadricopter controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices with Version 2.2 and Multi-Touch
  • Interchangeable hulls designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fly and battle with other Drone users via a Wi-Fi network
  • Front-view camera with live video feed
  • Enjoy a variety of games